Manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses

Combination Broach - H Frame Hydraulic Press 

The RK Machinery HFBP-150/20 MWH Press offers the power you need in a hydraulic press, in a package that includes dependability and safety. This H-frame press and Broach press offers a 150 tons of power on the H Frame, and with a 20 ton broach press on the side. It has moveable workhead, making it the perfect choice for the toughest jobs.


The HFBP-150/20 MWH has 10 horsepower, 3-phase power, with a bore of 10” for the H-frame, with a 16” stroke, and 4” for the Broach., with a 20” stroke.

The ram speed press is 6 IPM for the H-frame, with a return of 28 IPM, and 33 IPM for the Broach, with a return of 250 IPM.

Weighing 7,400 lbs., it has a capacity of 150 tons for the H-frame and 20 for the Broach. It comes standard with a pressure regulator to limit ram pressure and speed control to control ram travel.


With its open sides, the HFBP-150/20 MWH makes it easy to work on long pieces required for specific jobs. Its flat ram nose is easy to switch for adapting to the needs of custom jobs.

The fact that the movable workhead can be shifted by the operator adds to the unit’s versatility. When a job needs off-center work, he can reposition the cylinder with just the touch of the level, moving it from left to right.

The hydraulic power-lift allows for easy vertical displacement of the table.


This hydraulic press is safe and easy to use. The Baldor motor works at low speed and the electric-hydraulic operation makes it perform smoothly and consistently, providing the right pressing action for each job.

Operators appreciate its dependability. The low-speed pump is quiet and reliable. The fact that the table is designed to be self-locking prevents lateral movement, making it easier to produce high-quality work.

For safety, the pressure regulator limits the ram pressure. Because this is a low-pressure hydraulic system, the unit has lower oil pressures. That makes operation more efficient and safer.

The hydraulic oil reservoir has a 20-gallon capacity. Since all the parts are standard, workers have less downtime waiting for parts when needed. They are easy to find all over North America.

Custom Design

Every machine shop has specific needs. RK Machinery makes it easy to customize the HFBP-150/20 MWH. Options available include:

  • V-blocks in a matched pair
  • Front safety guards to keep the operator safe
  • Foot pedals with an electric solenoid valve. This makes for hands-free operation when combined with the electric control panel.
  • 24-inch stroke cylinder
  • 10 HP, 230 volts, 1 phase, 41 amps

When you need power, flexibility and dependability, consider the RK Machinery H-Frame/Broach Press with 150-ton/20-ton with a powered movable workhead. If you have questions, call RK Machinery, your source for the right press at the right price.