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Entry Level 50 Ton Broach Press

When you need a unit that provides smooth and consistent pressing, this combination H-frame press and Broach press is the answer. It has 50 ton H Frame with a moveable workhead and a 12-ton Broach press on the side.

When Versatility Is Important

The HFBP-50 offers flexibility. It has open sides, work which make it simple for the operator to complete jobs that use long pieces. Because the flat ram nose can be changed easily, the press is adaptable to the needs of specific jobs.

The powered workhead is movable, letting the operator accomplish jobs that require off-center positioning. The operator can move the cylinder left to right with just a simple touch of the lever.
12 Ton Broach Press with a 50 ton H frame press
Built-in Dependability

The Baldor motor is high quality and operates at low speeds. With its unique self-locking design, the table avoids problems caused by lateral movement.

The press uses efficient hydraulic power-lift for vertical displacement of the table. The operator can activate the cylinder with fingertip control. And because the ram movement accelerates with increased hand level operation, it gives the press operator easy control over the speed needed for each job.

The pump in the HFBP-50 is low speed, resulting in quiet and reliable operation.

Safety and Quality

The pressure regulator is made to automatically limit the ram pressure of the unit. The unit operates at a lower oil temperatures because it has been designed with a low-pressure hydraulic system. The overall effect is greater efficiency and safety. The hydraulic oil reservoir has a hefty 10-gallon capacity.

All the parts in the press, both hydraulic and mechanical, are standard in the industry. Any component that needs repair or replacement is available throughout North America. You won’t suffer through unnecessary downtime waiting for a part.

Custom Designs

The features mentioned come standard with the RK Machinery H-Frame / Broach combination press. If you need specific capabilities, RK Machinery can custom build the equipment to meet your needs.

RK Machinery: Trust Experience

In business since 1980, RK Machinery produces high quality hydraulic presses. The company works hard to exceed expectations for safety, toughness and efficiency and durability, at prices that are competitive.

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